Lead Generation

A team of experts will generate leads for you, so you can focus on selling.

Our Lead Generation Process

Through LinkedIn and email marketing campaigns we will find the ideal target market that will want to buy your product or service. All we ask is that you speak to your leads and sign them up.

Step 1 - Targets & KPIs

To get started, we need to understand how many leads you need per month and how many deals you are looking to close. From these targets, we create a personalised dashboard which you can access from any device 24/7. The dashboard shows how close we are to hitting targets as well as sending you a daily summary to keep you up to date.

Step 2 - Data Scraping and Preparation

The outcome of any marketing campaign depends on the quality of the data. We build a large database of all relevant potential companies for you to review and approve. This data will include names, emails addresses, job titles and LinkedIn profiles enabling us to run personalised outbound campaigns for you.

Step 3 - Data Validation

We make sure that the bounce rate of every email campaign we send is less than 3%. We run every piece of data that we gather through Neverbounce.com software which ensures that your domain is never affected from running email campaigns.

Step 4 - Create Bespoke Messaging

All messaging templates are carefully planned, proofread and cross-referenced leaving no room for error. Through using very bespoke research and subject lines, we consistently provide high open and click through rates resulting in new leads for you.


Step 5 - Generate Leads from LinkedIn 

On a daily basis we connect with over a 100 relevant people via LinkedIn using personalised connection requests. Once they accept, we send them a follow up message to introduce you and your business proposition. This creates new conversations that turn into interested leads that want to speak to you.

Step 6 - Add Leads to CRM

All the new leads will be added to your CRM. The lead will have the following details: full name, email address, LinkedIn profile, website and their message so your sales team can get in touch with them straight away and sign them up. We will also add tasks for you to make sure that you remember to follow up with your new leads. If you are not responding to leads, we will chase you up as we want to make sure all your leads turn into sales.

Step 7 - Review Progress

Every Friday, you will receive a report on your analytics dashboard showing the progress made. This will include the number of leads generated and the source. It will also show a detailed breakdown of your CRM highlighting the value of all leads in your sales pipeline and any sales that have been made. The report can be customised to show any vital KPIs that you would like to track.

Why us?

We believe that every company needs a unique and bespoke approach to reach their targets. With 6 years of experience in sales, marketing and customer service we have helped startups and small businesses all over the world. We are just as passionate about generating leads as you are about growing your business and as a team, we can help turn your idea into consistent sales and revenue. 

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